Croydon's parklands are not just natural beauties - they can be seriously good for your health
27th March 2012
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Active Lifestyles run a programme of no less than nine weekly health walks, with additional monthly weekend walks. 


With a wide and varied choice of walks from one to four miles you're sure to find one or more to suit you.  Taking in the parks and open spaces in Croydon, this is an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty Croydon has to offer.  Lloyd Park, Kings Wood, Riddlesdown, Selsden Wood - just some of the historic parks we so often take for granted, graced with natural beauty right here on our doorstep. 


It never ceases to amaze me how many people will go on holiday and seek out all the attractions of the area to squeeze into a two week visit, whilst barely being aware of what their own neighbourhood has to offer!


Some walks are led and some self-guided, and range from a gentle stroll suitable for complete novices (me!), routes that are wheelchair and buggy friendly so you can take the children along, to more challenging walks taking in some hilly terrain.  The real joy of the programme however lies in the social aspect.  If you can get together with friends then fine, but the health walks offer an opportunity to meet new people and broaden your social horizons - all whilst getting your heart pumping a little faster, keeping your joints on the move and burning some extra calories. It’s a win win situation, and as long as he's kept on a lead, Fido can enjoy the experience too! (Has anyone actually EVER met a dog called Fido?)


Get into the walking habit now, while the weather is improving and by the time things start to turn wet and chilly again you'll be hooked, not least by watching the seasons unfold week by week.  This is a fantastic opportunity to escape, be it the rat race or just the rigours of day to day life, and is a great stress reliever. There is no charge, no obligation to participate every week, and no competitive element.


Take along a waterproof, wear layered clothing and suitable footwear and you're covered for all eventualities. Most walks last about an hour and you should be at the meeting point around 15 minutes before the start time. 


For details of all of the walks, visit thebestof Croydon’s Events pages.  This is a safe, fun and healthy way to meet new people and up your activity levels.


Alternatively, if you already have some walking experience and are interested in becoming a volunteer walk leader, please contact Active Lifestyles on 020 8726 6900 and ask for the Walking for Health Coordinator.

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