Croydon’s Irenicon clears up sick pay questions…
8th May 2009
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Croydon-based legal advice consultants Irenicon Ltd's latest newsletter discusses the often slightly confusing world of sick pay. Very few people I know are entirely sure of the ins and outs of their sick pay entitlements, so if you fall into that category I suggest you check out , whether you are employed or the employer.

Firstly, everyone is entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP), which kicks in after 3 'waiting' days and pays £79.15 a week to anyone earning £95 per week or more. Individuals contracts may vary to pay above the SSP, and it will depend on how much sick pay you've already had. You can self-certify for the first week, but any longer than that and you'll need a medical certificate from your GP. For individuals who have to take time off to care for sick children or the elderly, or if schools are shut, then you may be entitled to unpaid 'dependents leave'. This is normally a brief period of emergency leave to arrange care (perhaps 48 hours), and there is no legal right to paid leave to look after a dependent.

I hope that makes the general points a little clearer!

For more detailed advice however, take a look at and see what applies to you.


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