Croydon waits patiently for the Olympic Flame
4th July 2012
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Yes, being so close to the Olympic action, it's hardly surprising that we are having to wait for what seems like forever to get a glimpse of the Olympic torch. Let's face it, it's nearly two months since it started its journey, albeit several thousand miles away!


It was May 10th when it was lit at the Temple of Hera, Olympia, home of the Ancient Olympic Games. It then spent a week travelling around Greece before being handed over in Athens and brought to our fair shores.


Since then hundreds of people have carried the golden torches, said to represent the qualities of the Olympic Flame - the brightness, warmth and light that it shines. It has gathered excited crowds up and down the Country and been carried by the most diverse selection of torch bearers, old, young, celebrity but mostly inspirational and deserving of a place in history.


The youngest torchbearer, Dominic McGowan aged 12 proudly carried the flame through Birmingham last Sunday, whilst Barnet will see Diana Gould completing her leg of the relay on July 25th. Diana was born just before the Stockholm Olympic Games 1912! Suffice to say she will be the oldest participant in the relay (although looking at the press articles she looks at least 20 years younger!)


So by the time it reaches us, only four days before the Official Opening Ceremony, the flame will have travelled most of its 8,000 miles. 


On Monday 23rd July, twenty four runners will take their turn in relaying the flame through Croydon. The torchbearers have all been selected from the hundreds independently nominated by friends, family or colleagues as deserving of the honour. Details of all the runners and their nominations can be found on the London 2012 website.


We can expect the streets to be lined with a supportive community as we witness this little bit of history with prime spots to view the Olympic Flame on its route through Croydon likely to be Upper Norwood, Thornton Heath and North End, and the approximate timings of the full route are as follows:


11.20am - Church Road, Upper Norwood
12.20pm - North End, Croydon
12.30pm - Town Hall, Croydon
12.40pm - Lunch at St Andrews School, Warrington Road, Croydon
13.40pm - Lunch stop end
13.55pm - leave borough


Patience is a virtue, and I hope that Croydon is repaid for that patience by a much needed and long awaited change in the weather in time for our 'relay day' and then maybe we can make a real party of the whole day!

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