Croydon security firm offers free alarm to burgled house of helicoper victim's sister
18th January 2013
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Amanda Wood, sister of Matthew Wood, who died when a helicopter tragically crashed on top of a crane in Vauxhall this week, said: "It's horrible. It has been the worst week of my life."

Mr Wood from Croydon neighbouring borough, Sutton, was walking to work when the accident happened on Wednesday.

Police were called to reports of a burglary at Ms Wood's house in Carshalton, Surrey, on Thursday night. This happened while the family had gathered to mourn.

James Winnister, from J-Tech Systems, a very reliable and reputable Croydon security business, says "This is appalling, as if they need this at the moment ! If anyone knows this lady I'm happy to install an alarm system for her home at no cost."

Thank you James for showing such great generosity and showcasing to the world the amazing spirit of the people and businesses of Croydon.

If anyone knows Ms Wood, please contact James and the J-Tech team directly on 0845 467 1863 or click here for more details

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