Croydon is a Scene Unseen
20th October 2009
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Boasting the oldest art society outside of London, few would actually expect Croydon to have such an eclectic and established history in the Arts.

But as a new exhibition at the Museum of Croydon shows, beauty is just beauty, whoever the beholder.

The ever-fascinating Creative Review details what this absorbing exhibition has to share with its viewers, and drops names with alarming and pleasantly surprising regularity.

Patrick Caulfield?
Bridget Riley?
Malcolm McLaren?
Jamie Reid?
Henry Moore?
Max Ernst?

All have links to Croydon - including as former students of Croydon College.

For those familiar with their art history, the name-dropping should already have had the desired effect to get you along fro a look-see. For those less in-the-know, this is a perfect opportunity to find connectivity between your home town or place of work, and the wider world of international visual arts.

Scene Unseen is a free exhibition and is open until May next year.
Museum of Croydon
Croydon Clocktower
Katharine Street
Croydon CR9 1ET 
Mon-Sat, 11am-5pm
Croydon College will also be running an exhibition of their archive material in the college's Parfitt Gallery, to coincide with Scene Unseen.

Yours, Katrina

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