Croydon Gardeners’ Confusion Over Recycling Solution
19th March 2009
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Following the announcement that professional gardeners in Croydon will no longer be able to take their green waste to Central Nursery in Conduit Lane, there is some confusion over what alternative will be available to them. Central Nursery takes in the waste and supplies fresh compost, which is an important resource for our gardening businesses. Croydon Borough Council have made assurances that another site will be provided, but with the deadline of the end of March getting closer, businesses are concerned they may have to travel further afield, which not only puts pressure on their time but their costs also.

The nearest existing site is in Beddington, and it is here that the Council say they ultimately aim to take the waste from the new site.

Local gardeners seem to be concerned not only about the changes, but also the lack of communication about what will happen after March.

Apparently the changes are for financial reasons, but I wonder if in fact the whole exercise may end up costing more in convenience and overheads - is it a case of Better The Compost You Know?

Geoffrey Walker

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