Croydon-Detroit part 2
10th June 2009
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It appears my post from this morning about recent violence in Croydon has brought a response not entirely in my favour (or in Croydon's actually, which almost proves my point). The article was by no means intended to offend anyone and did contain positive vibes towards our great borough, and an underlying sympathy to those people affected by events of the weekend. However we do love a discussion here so I appreciate the response, and apologise if I was misunderstood!

No town is totally free from antisocial behaviour, and some have more or less than their neighbours. However a lot can be done to make a difference, and sometimes this has to come initially from people's own tolerances. Acceptance of a situation just because it's always been there isn't doing the place or its people justice.

I would hope no one would condone violence, so hopefully we can find another way to solve whatever problems often result in it. Surely the use of knives, bats, cars and other weapons that happened at the weekend isnt how we want Croydon to be known to the world? We can be a city borough that doesn't see such action.

As my old mum used to say: "If [insert friend's name] jumped off a cliff tomorrow, would you do the same?"

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