Croydon Crowdfunds the first theatre in the UK!
8th January 2013
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Congratulations to all at Matthew's Yard on reaching the first target of raising £5000 in the phased project to create what is believed to be the first Crowdfunded theatre in the UK! And of course, to all the Crowdfunders themselves!

Why is this important? Within just 6 months of operating, Matthews Yard in Croydon is fast becoming an integral part of Croydon's cultural, creative and technical renaissance and is already a real hit with the locals .

As part of this renaissance and within the realm of cuts to funding for arts, youth and community projects across the UK which have been felt across the borough, the Kickstarter project to create 'The Studio' was born.

Matthews Yard itself was established out of a desire to do something positive in response to the violence and disorder of the 2011 riots which tainted the perception of Croydon on a global scale.

It was time to create a space of which Croydon could be proud.

As well as this, the recent closures of the David Lean Cinema, ClockTower Arts Complex and the Warehouse Theatre, have left London's largest borough with a vacuum in terms of space available for grass roots, community based arts and cultural activity in the town centre. Theatre groups have resorted to rehearsing in pubs and having to perform at venues outside the borough due to the lack of suitable space.

Hence the desperate need for 'The Studio' and the Crowdfunding project.

'The Studio' @ Matthews Yard will be a space which will enable a broad cross section of Croydon's community to come together and enjoy the arts.

This Kickstarter project is a phased project that aims to raise funds to:

  • complete the refurbishment work on the 100m2 space 
  • install relevant public safety equipment including fire alarm system, emergency lighting and ventilation 
  • install a Public Address system, Audio Visual system and a lighting rig construct a stage, build a green room and install appropriate seating 

Target: £5,000 - ACHIEVED!!

Outcome: The refurbishment of the studio, including furnishing and the construction of a stage with a green room for performers. This also includes a basic refurbished PA and AV system with a simple lighting rig.

Target: £10,000.

Outcome: This will enable the investment in much better quality audio visual and lighting equipment, helping create more stunning visual effects and acoustics to support the performers in The Studio.

Target: £25,000.

Outcome: The Studio becomes a fully functioning professional theatre space with quality seating, lighting, heating, ventilation and the promotion of the space to potential theatre groups.


Thank you to all those who have supported the project so far, it has and will make a huge difference to the Croydon community.

But it's only just beginning.

Let's hit the £25,000 and make 'The Studio' a fully, fledged theatre that Croydon can be proud of.  Click here to donate what you can. 

Thank you.

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