Cow Tipping - 3 great tips for your business
8th October 2012
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At Smart cow marketing we believe in the building of strong trusted and lasting relationships between businesses. We'd like to share some of our in depth expertise and knowledge with you.

This Blog covers 3 things that can really help your business.

1) Call to action

Often we are asked to create a marketing campaign for a business, such as a pay per click AdWords campaign that would drive business to their site. Adwords is great as you can direct potential clients from their search criteria (Keywords) to specific pages on your site, as opposed to the homepage that comes up in a normal search.

The problem that we encounter is that the landing pages don't allow the potential customer to do anything.

You need a call to action.

At the very least this is a visible email and telephone number, but often an offer or a free gift in return for a sign up to a newsletter or Facebook like works wonders.


It really makes no difference how good you are or how well the plan is nothing will happen without putting the effort in. Just f**king Do It (JFDI)

Get prepared and then just do it. Nothing will happen if you leave your light under a bushell.

You're great - tell people.

Yes, you may make mistakes, but that will be few and far between. If you spend 2 weeks preparing a newsletter that could be done in 2 hours, just because you wanted it to be absolutely perfect, you may be putting your efforts into the wrong areas.

Of course do what you do extremely well, however, even the best and biggest companies make mistakes often! Don't worry, JFDI.

3) Analytics

Make sure that your site has analytics in it.

The most popular and one of the best is Google analytics. This uses cookies to capture your visitors' information such as where they came from (great marketing info), how long they stayed and what pages they went to.

All this information is invaluable to tell you how well the shop front of your website is working for you.

Google analytics uses cookies so you will have to adhere to the cookie law and let visitors know, but this is a very small price to pay with regards to the benefits you will get.

We hope that this blog is of use, feel free to forward it to whoever may find it useful.

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