Contemporary Interior Design- Reviving the Charm of Mirrored Furniture
25th November 2018
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You may have noticed the ongoing rise in popularity of mirrored furniture again. Its recent return enables it to stand out once again after its memorable presence between the 1920s and 1930s. Mirrored furniture currently serves as a symbol of style and glamour.

This type of furniture can be added in small yet distinct ways to your interior design. The special style is applicable in a variety of ways from cabinets and nightstands to coffee tables. Along with being glamorous, these accent pieces have a unique, abstract and eye-catching appeal.

Coffee Tables

The coffee table is an ideal focal point as an element that stands out when you need an eye-catching detail in the room. Consequently, mirrored coffee tables work well as elements that effortlessly grab attention in spaces such as the living room.

In terms of style, there are virtually no limitations and you can maximize on your creativity and imagination. These types of coffee tables will look great in any living room, including a traditional, eclectic, rustic or contemporary one.

Kitchen Islands

The focal point of a kitchen is usually the island. It often doubles as a divider between the lounge space and bar or the dining area. There tends to be some space around it and the feeling of spaciousness and openness can be enhanced effectively with reflective mirrors that capture everything around them.

Consoles and Cabinets

Console tables and cabinets are not typically the center of attraction since this role is conventionally reserved for other pieces of furniture. However, this does not mean that they cannot stand out exquisitely or look interesting. It is actually easy to achieve this with the addition of mirrored details or fronts as pieces that are also an exquisite mirrored furniture style.


  • Desks are not always expected to be eye-catching or to stand out unless they are within an office setting. They usually blend in when added to spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms. With this in mind, mirrored desks can be interesting options.
  • A mirrored desk would stand out in a way that highlights the furniture and décor around it instead of the actual desk. Vanities share this similarity with a comparable effect on the overall design.


The bed is expected to be the most important and biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom but this does nit necessarily mean it will be the focal point. Nightstands can take up this role and mirrored standards give a fabulous way to make the bedroom look grand, glamorous and chic without disrupting the color palette. Mirrored tubs are a worthwhile consideration.


The tub is usually a necessity but the size can be challenging. A mirrored design can help to address the issue. With a mirrored frame surrounding the tub, this feature will instantly become more presentable and less imposing.

Side Tables

A side table does not always play a well-defined role. It may be there as a surface to place a vase or lamp, hold items such as laptops or trays or to complete the room. Side tables can be used to introduce various interesting elements or add color to the room and can be easily mirrored with a touch of opulence.

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