Comedy crime scene
21st March 2012
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Comedy Crime Scene, by Safety is the Key

A company’s safety advisor was charged with finding the cause of so many staff slipping over. He looked at why the floor was so slippery; was it contaminated? He asked the cleaning product supplier if their fluid was suitable for the particular floor surface.

He could have saved himself a great deal of time and effort by speaking to the company's cleaner first.

The reason? She couldn’t be bothered to go to the store room. The floor cleaning product was stored downstairs whereas the washing up liquid was to hand, so she decided to use that instead!

TIP: Try to make things as easy as possible – if you do then there’s less possibility that shortcuts will be taken - if the cleaning product had been stored close to where it was needed, then the cleaner would have had no reason to use washing up liquid.

Also, staff must be given clear instructions on what products to use and why it’s dangerous to substitute them for others.
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