Classic cars in Croydon - get yours from McCarthy Cars!
19th July 2017
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Not everyone wants a brand spanking new car - or even a nearly new car.

Some of us are attracted to classic cars instead!

There can be a number of reasons for this. Depending on the type of car you're interested in, you could actually see the value of your car increase over the period in which you own it. This isn't the case for every classic car, but for example, if you'd invested in an Aston Martin DB5 around 25 years ago, you'd find that your investment had increased in value almost tenfold!

That's quite some investment.

You might also be attracted to the fact that your classic car might involve lower costs when it comes to home maintenance, particularly because insurance costs tends to be low and there's no Vehicle Excise Duty on cars manufactured before 1973. But don't let this fool you - classic cars can require more attention and you may struggle to get those essential parts for your exotic car.

You could be interested in tinkering with your car as you're a fairly hands on owner. Being able to undertake those small jobs yourself can make a huge difference to having to constantly pay someone else to regularly tackle them.

Once you've assessed all these pre-purchase factors and you've decided the classic car route is definitely for you, then make sure you do your research on what car to go for - also considering things like where you'll be keeping it (protecting it in a garage is always the best idea) and what you'll predominantly be using it for. Heading out as a family of four is impossible in a sporty two-seater, romantic trips away will be nightmare prospect if the car is unreliable or even uncomfortable, and whilst a convertible might be great to drive with the top open in the Summer the reality is that much of the year it won't be possible to use it in this way.

Make sure you're buying your classic car from a reputable dealer - just like McCArthy Cars in Croydon. They have a number of a top-quality classic cars at an affordable price. From Mini, Daimler, Jaguar to classic Mercedez-Benz their classic range has a number of top selling cars.

A Classic Car is a car to take pride in. McCarthy Cars provide 1 year's MOT, full serviced, 6 Months RAC Gold Parts and Labour Warranty and 12 Months RAC Roadside Cover with each Classic Car purchase from their Croydon showroom.

Their pre-sale checks are just as comprehensive as those with their other used cars, confirming the ongoing performance, safety and legal status of each car, which is yet another reason to head to McCarthy Cars, your local RAC approved Dealer.

Like the sound of it all?

You can even test out your dream car by booking a test drive in any Approved Used Classic Cars listed on their website. Get in touch with the team at McCarthy Cars in Croydon to learn more. Call them on 020 8680 9460 or visit the dealership in person to see all the classic cars they have in stock.

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