Checklist for Buying a Used Car
25th October 2019
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Buying a used car can be a nerving proposition for many people. There is always an apprehension of landing in a bad deal or getting cheated. However, if you exercise sufficient caution and follow a thorough due diligence process, you can eliminate this risk considerably. You should trust the experts like REVS Check ( to get a detailed car history report, which will help you to make an informed buying decision. The car history report can be acquired by providing either the VIN number of the registration number of the vehicle and paying a nominal fee. The key items which should feature on your checklist before buying a used car as follows:

Consider Your Requirements

The most important consideration which you should have on your checklist is assessing your requirements from the car. You can have different daily commute requirements and may want to use the car in different terrains-city, off-road, etc. A car that qualifies to be fit in city conditions may not be suitable for being used in off-road terrain. If your daily commute is less than 100 miles, then you can also consider buying a used electric car.

Get a Car History Report

Before you make the purchase decision, you should get a car history report from credible service providers like REVS Check. The detailed car history report will provide you important details pertaining to the manufacture of the car, financial encumbrance details, stolen status, written-off status, etc. The car history report will help you to find the best-used car which matches your requirements and budget.

Physical Inspection of the Car

After you have gone through the car history report, you should still insist on getting the car physically inspected by an expert. The physical inspection will help you understand the finer details of the car and assess if it is safe and cost-effective for you or not. You should check on few key items during the physical inspection like underneath the car body which will tell you a lot about previous damages sustained by the car.

Get Warranty Details

Warranty details are important to consider before your buy a used car. Many dealers provide certified pre-owned cars for sale. Under this certified pre-owned scheme, you can be assured of the quality of the car as it will be inspected by the dealer. They will also provide extended manufacturer warranty for used cars which are covered under the certified pre-owned car scheme. It is also important to understand the arrangement under which you are buying the used car. If a car is being sold under “as is” condition, then you should get the details from the dealer as to what is covered and excluded after you make the purchase.

Negotiate Pricing and Explore Financing Terms

When you are planning to buy a used car, you should be able to negotiate the pricing with the seller. It is never a good idea to pay the entire asking price, even if the seller is firm on the pricing, you should negotiate to get a better deal. You should also explore the financing terms available for buying the used car. If you are buying through a dealership, you should negotiate with them for the best deals on financing.


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