Canapes. A mini marvel!
5th March 2014
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When it comes to canapés, at Buffets by Design they believe they are mini marvels! Mouthfuls of deliciousness that tantalise the tastebuds... or am I sounding too much like Nicole Scherzinger in those Muller yoghurt adverts?!

What canapes should be is delicious, elegantly stylish and mouth-watering. Something tasty and easy to eat that people will enjoy. They're the ideal solution at a function as a starter or appetizer with drinks.

But what many people forget is that they can often be very filling too, so using the right amount and in the right context is very important. For example, at a wedding, they are a crucial addition to the event, very often served after the ceremony in that long, seemingly never-ending gap between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. As guests are normally supping something bubbly at the same time, so keeping people the right side of merry is key! But filling people up too much means spoiling the main event, so quantity is key.

What's the most important element, above all else, is the quality of the food...

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