Buying a used car - the 5 common problems.
30th April 2014
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We all know that buying a used car can give you much more bang for your buck, simply because most new models can actually depreciate in value by as much as 20% the minute you drive them off the forecourt.

But even with this huge cost saving in mind, many drivers are still wary of purchasing a used car because they view doing so as much more of a risk. McCarthy Cars share with us the 5 most common issues that people encounter - and why these issues are something you don't even need to think about when buying a used car from them.


1. Sellers Have No Right To Sell


Buying a car privately, can instantly open you up to the possibility that the car was stolen or still has come outstanding debt against it. If this is the case, it will mean that you are not even the legal owner. McCarthy Cars provide a full HPI background check with each purchase to ensure that the car is legally available for resale. They also include a NMR Mileage Check which means that the information they display about the car is 100% accurate.


2. Better Value Elsewhere


There's nothing like that sinnking feeling you get when you find the exact make and model you've shelled out all the money for at substantially less somewhere else (which is why I make a point of not looking at cars any more once I've made my decision!) At McCarthy Cars they make it their business to offer competitive regional rates. Not only that, but their flexible finance plans offer low deposit and low monthly payment options to suit every budget. 


3. Repair Disputes


Have you encountered that frustrating situation when you've had your car a short while and then find there's a major fault with it, meaning you need to dip into your hard earned cash to put it right. The highly qualified technicians at McCarthy Cars give every car a thorough going over, to avoid any potential pitfalls. For added reassurance, they are also members of which require a rigid set of service and repair standards to protect the car buyer from any unforeseen faults.


4. High Insurance Premiums


Did you know that any hidden damage or possibly records of a serious accident will have a major impact on your insurance premium? Some people can use a private car sale to try to hide this kind of damage or to a dealership, but this is where those background checks and rigorous performance tests come into their own -  McCarthy Car can catch even the most subtle signs of damage. When you buy from them, you can also be reassured that McCarthy Cars are recognised by most major nationwide insurers.    


5. Invalid or Non-Existent Warranty


When you buy a car privately there is no warranty to cover faults. Even when you buy through a dealership in many cases the prices displayed don't include a warranty. At McCarthy Cars, you will drive your used car away with it having been fully serviced with an MOT and a four-year RAC Platinum Parts and Labour warranty. If you feel like you need more, you can even extend the warranty for a further 48 months. To activate your warranty, all you need to do is take your car to any VAT-registered garage in the UK and any repairs are carried out free of charge.

If you'd like more information about used cars from McCarthy Cars, please contact the friendly team at the Croydon dealership today.

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