Businesses can now thrive and grow with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
6th March 2018
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Business owners and marketers have always sought dedicated software for marketing. The problem with the traditional marketing software is they are usually restricted if free and the omnipotent ones are usually beyond the monetary reach of SMEs. The Salesforce marketing cloud is a one of a kind solution for all marketers and campaign planners out there. It offers complete customization of your customer experience, and it gives complete control to the cloud user. 

What’s the significance of a 360-degree marketing cloud?

In the simplest words – the Salesforce marketing cloud creates, curates and manages the customer relationships for small and large companies. This marketing cloud has catered to a plethora of small companies and large corporations alike over the last few months. Using this platform, you can not only manage the customer journeys across mobile, advertising, emails and IoT. You can also unify the data each interaction on these different media and platform generates. You can further divide the platform into several Business Units. Each one can be distinct from the other, and they usually have only a few common features between them. can provide you with all information you need to utilize all the features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce facilitates the unification of data

As you might have already guessed, the cloud comes with a connector that can synchronize all the data coming from a single customer saved in the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud of Salesforce. All the data is always available to a user inside the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a unified and actionable form. Marketers can, therefore, design multi-channel campaigns with ease and manage them too. They only need the complete lead details for inserting them in the System of the Campaign. Similarly, you can use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for synchronizing email marketing endeavors and mobile push notification responses.

How can campaigns benefit from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Using a single software to collect all campaign data and responses, gives a better chance for an organization to calculate the campaign ROI. Planning and executing a campaign can be an expensive process for any SME or even a larger corporation. Just like any publicity and marketing step involving an investment, campaigns need keen monitoring of their ROI. Having the Salesforce Marketing Cloud in your team can help you consider each aspect, monitor each key indicator and calculate the returns of the investment accurately for analysis.

Salesforce is your way to save money

Having Salesforce Marketing Cloud on your side obviously discounts the need of storing critical information on your PC, HDD or laptop. Clouds are much safer, faster and easier to access for all your team members. The provide on-premise solutions ideal for all small and medium businesses as well as start-ups. This is a huge cost-cutting step for the companies as well. This bypasses the need of on-site server hardware, server maintenance costs and IT costs for the security of dedicated HHDs that store marketing or campaign details.

Salesforce has been making marketing much easier since 1999 with their first CRM platform design. Over the years they have paid close attention to the needs of their leading users and developed customized services that cater to all SMEs, start-ups and large-cap corporations equally. 

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