Breathe a sigh of relief with car keys cut by Flamingo Locksmiths..
17th May 2017
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A friend of mine told me a story recently that filled me with dread... yes, she has an older style car which quite possibly made this more likely, but running around with the children for the morning school run somehow meant she locked her car keys in the car...

The very last thing you need in the morning!

If something like this happens to you, you need to know that you can call on someone who can put things right. It needs to be someone that you can trust, especially as they'll need to cut a new key for your car.

We wholeheartedly recommend Flamingo Locksmiths in Croydon. They only operate a 24 hour emergency service, which is a huge relief as these things quiet often happen outside of the normal 9-5!

They've built up a fantastic reputation as a reputable, reliable local business that is there for you when you need them. By calling on Flamingo Locksmiths, you get the added peace of mind that you're getting an excellent service from a business you an trust.

So make sure you add this number to your phone: 07960 759 895.

You never know when you might need them!


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