BNI Foundation Chapter in Croydon is 2nd best in the UK... oh yes it is!
11th July 2009
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Did you know that, right here, in the heart of Croydon, we have the 2nd best BNI Chapter in the whole of the UK?

Oh Yes we do! And thebestofCroydon is very proud to be an active member of this Chapter.


What makes this Chapter so good?

43 members, which means a sales team of 42 LOCAL people pro-actively looking for business for each others.

An average of 65 qualified referrals (not leads, not my uncle's best friend's cousins might need your services!) are being passed between us every single week.

And this results in 3/4 million pounds worth of business for all of us every year, that's £17,441 on average for each and everyone of us! Hmm let me think - I'll have some of that thank you very much!


Oh and we have a laugh too, with some great characters in the room, making the whole meeting very enjoyable every week.


For thebestofCroydon, it's quite simple and a complete no brainer, BNI Foundation represents over 30% of our annual turnover - WE LOVE WEDNESDAYS AND WE LOVE BNI!



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Hi - me and my gang champion and promote the best businesses in the Croydon and Bromley Boroughs. If you are a local business owner, then we'd love to help you grow your profile, profits and get more business.

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