Blocked drains busting from Quality Drainage
22nd May 2014
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We all know how unpleasant a drain blockage can be.... it can be a messy and smelly experience.

And what's more, it isn't something you should leave in the hope that it'll go away - if wastewater can't flow away it has to go somewhere, and could mean flooding you home or garden... and who wants that, especially in the warmer weather?!

In fact, just recently my poor Dad had exactly that problem and after finding himself knee deep in the nasty stuff more than once. Living on the lower ground floor of an old Georgian block of flats meant that too much waste coming from all 5 flats had blocked the pipes, and as we said, it has to go somewhere.... yuk!

This is where the services of Quality Drainage come into play. Their specialist equipment best suits the job in hand, whether it be root cutting, descaling, removing an obstruction or High Pressure Water Jetting, and their engineers are City & Guild trained in the WJA (Water Jetting Association) Safety Awareness Course and Drain and Sewer Cleaning.

I can't even begin to think of why you'd do anything else other than call Quality Drainage if ever you have a blockage!

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