Beware of the Cryptowall virus threat to your PC says Zebra IT
26th June 2015
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What is CryptoWall, I hear you ask?! 

Zebra IT can tell you what you need to know...

It's a sophisticated ransomware program that encrypts the victims’ files with a strong cryptographic algorithm. Users are asked to pay the equivalent of $500 in bitcoin virtual currency in order to receive the decryption key that allows them to recover their files.

It's been around since 2013, but is such a huge concern that CTU researchers at Dell consider CryptoWall to be one of the largest and most destructive ransomware threats that's been seen on the Internet.

 There are some steps you can take within your business to minimise your risks:
  • Ensure anti-virus is installed and definitions are fully up to date
  • Make sure your staff are aware that they need to check the senders of their emails and verify the legitimacy of the sender. This will make a huge difference as the bogus emails originate from spoofed email accounts.
  • Remind them not to follow links provided by unknown or untrusted sources or visit untrusted websites.
  • Also remind users to be cautious when clicking on links in emails coming from trusted source
  • Don't download suspicious or unauthorised programs
If it's too late and you're already infected with CryptoWall, rectify the sitation with antivirus. Once this has been done, you should be able to restore any encrypted files from your backup or system restore points and volume shadow copies. 

Ransomware such as Cryptowall presents a strong argument to maintain regular backups of your stored data.
If you need help with this or any other IT issues you may have, speak to Zebra IT.
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