Best Websites to Promote Your YouTube Channel and Boost Your Online Presence
21st February 2019
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There’s an urban saying – if you want people to notice something, put it in a video. And it’s easy to see why that is and why brands and companies utilize the power of the video. Some stats say that six out of ten individuals would rather spend time on video watching platforms than watching live TV. And what better place than YouTube – the most popular video streaming platform!

So, it’s understandable that both individuals and businesses turn to YouTube to promote their brands and video content. However, sometimes getting plenty of views and engagement may not be the easiest thing in the world.

Don’t worry as in the following paragraphs we’ll delve deeper into the best websites for YouTube channel promotion!


The list of 9 websites to promote your YouTube videos & channel

1. YouTube

Promotion of YouTube videos on YouTube is absolutely possible. In fact, the platform provides numerous options related to this. Firstly, you have paid advertisements at your disposal. They’ll make your video appear before other people’s videos or on the side while they are watching so that more viewers notice it. Also, there are freeways like joining playlists, commenting on popular videos, and engaging with other users. Here you can learn more about everything you can do.

2. Vidorange

Many people don’t realize it, but it’s important to have a nudge from someone that’ll help you launch your video in the heights. One of the sites with teams working specifically for this purpose is Vidorange. There you can start a promotion campaign aimed at increasing your YouTube video’s online visibility and engagement. In order to begin, you should just provide the link to your video and your target audience.

3. Facebook

As a platform, Facebook makes it easy for YouTube videos to find their place on it. This is mainly because the link can be shared in posts, on pages’ descriptions, in groups, comments, and similar. It’s up to the video’s owner to decide. If you have money to spare, you can try boosting the posts with the video link in it.

4. LinkedIn

Basically, LinkedIn allows you to present your YouTube videos to the business partners, colleagues, and friends that follow you. All that’s needed is to log in to your account, go to write an update and press ‘attach a link’. Then, simply paste the YouTube link to your video and share the update before your followers. To spread it further include keywords and join discussions on the platform.

5. Instagram

If you have an Instagram profile, you can try your luck there, as well. With more and more, predominantly young people, using it every day, your video has a real chance of getting seen. You should only be patient and put the link on multiple places, starting from your short bio and posts to the stories. To make videos more accessible, there’s a special section Instagram TV designed just for uploading videos.

6. Reddit

This is a different social media platforms than the rest. Generally, this is due to the fact that the users are separated into communities and post things anonymously. That’s why for a successful YouTube promotion you should join a community close to the topic the video is about and get to know the other users in it before sharing the actual link.

7. Uvioo

One of the most helpful things about this platform is that it’s simple to utilize. The promotion on it incorporates sharing the link to your video before the other users and gaining views as soon as someone starts watching it. Not to mention that it provides ways to monetize the views, as well.

8. Ask biography

As a platform, it features all the top news stories around the world that are worth your attention. So, it’s natural that individuals and businesses want to get featured there. Besides that, the site has a special place dedicated to advertisements. Having said that, people can find ask biography on Twitter and Facebook, too, which amplifies the range of promotion.

9. Video endless

Playing mainly YouTube videos on this platform isn’t the only thing people can do. Moreover, you can play several YouTube videos one after the other continuously, repeat an entire video or just a favorite part of it or play videos on loop. It has three main sections which consist of the most viewed videos of the last week, of the last month, and from the viewer’s region. It’s obvious that if your video finds its spot there, the promotion will be effective.


Final Words

What do you think? Would you use some of these sites for promoting your videos?

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