Benefits of Using a Work Time Track Software in Creative Teams
18th January 2020
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A trend that has been emerging among businesses in all industries is workplace improvement that’s heavily based on data these companies are collecting. Think about it, your company is probably conducting employee satisfaction surveys and using that data to improve the working conditions and overall employee satisfaction.


On the other hand, there are companies who have found ways to improve output by simply using one tool - a work time track software. This is a tool that is installed on employees’ computers, and it tracks how much time they spend on each project, as well as for how long they’re using different websites and apps. The data this software collects helps businesses in many ways, and we’re here to see how the creative teams can benefit from it.


More Accurate Client Billings

This benefit is definitely more useful for creative teams who are charging by the hour. Since the purpose of the work time track app is to track time spent on tasks and projects, your team should be using it on a daily basis. At the end of the project, you will see aggregated project data and have information on how long the project lasted down to the second.


Additionally, most apps will allow you to set up the bill rate, so the billing amount will be calculated automatically.

Increased Productivity

This benefit is applicable to all teams, but we’re still going to talk about it. When using trackers at work employees tend to adapt their daily behaviour to look their best in front of their bosses, so you can expect a spike in productivity levels. Additionally, you can notice if some employees are struggling with any types of tasks, so you can provide them with additional training and help them improve.


Also, if you allow employees to access their own tracking data, they’ll be able to see themselves which tasks are taking up too much of their time, or if they’ve spent more than usual on browsing news instead of working. This will help them show initiative, and change the way they work themselves.


Cutting Down Software Costs

Software is expensive, and you’re usually paying it per employee. With a work time track app you can see if there are employees who aren’t using the software you’re paying for, or if there are apps they aren’t using at all. This way, you can cut down costs for licences, and put that money elsewhere.


Better Project Budget Handling

If you’re charging clients per project, you already know how much money you’ll get at the end of it. The project details are set together with the budget, and your team can start working on it. Once the project ends and you calculate how many hours your team has put in, you could realize that the project wasn’t very profitable. Well, this won’t happen if you’re using a work time track app.


Within the app you can set a project budget, and how much you’re paying your workers per hour. At any point you can log into the dashboard and check if you’re still within the project budget lines.


Wrap Up

Many believe that time tracking interrupts the creative workflow and that the creatives could lose their inspiration if they need to think about the tracking at all times. When your team first starts using the app, it’s certain they’ll need some time to get used to it. At first, it might interrupt their flow, but after a few days or weeks, the tracker will become a part of their everyday workflow. Considering the benefits it offers, it definitely pays off to invest time and money into a tool like this.

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