Benefits of Mobile App Development in Healthcare Sector?
6th February 2019
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The health industry is very sensitive, it has people’s lives on stake. Thanks to the advancement of technology and mobile apps coming into the picture, the healthcare sector has seen some massive improvement and been able to save many more lives. Patients, hospitals, clinical research centers, all of them are experiencing more comfort with the help of healthcare app development.


Let’s pick out the benefits of mobile app development in the healthcare sector:


1)Book Appointments Easily

There used to be a time when the waiting room used to be flooded with patients waiting for their turn to come and the waiting used to be in hours. Well, this is not the case anymore. With mobile apps, the patients can book their appointment online. This way they can ditch the time of waiting in the hospital that too when they are suffering from health issues.


2)Attend Patients Online

It’s hectic for doctors to manage plenty of patients at the same time. There are several patients which don’t need a visit, just basic talk would be enough. Healthcare apps would make that possible. The doctors can consult the patient through the apps and prescribe the medication accordingly. This will save the time of both patients and doctor. The patients who are living in a different city and travel to consult the doctor can now be relieved as they don’t need to travel that long and consult the doctor through the app. According to one of the study, it is said that 93% of the doctors think health apps can make improvement in the patient's life and 80% of them actually use them for patient care.


3) Save and Share Reports

The patient can save their reports in the app and track their condition and progress. The can also share these reports through the app with their family and friends to keep them updated. The patient can also share their reports with their doctor to get their feedback.


4)Details of Hospitals and Doctors

Well, the patients can check the list of hospitals, doctors, what they specialize at, their address, directions to that address, and such other details. The patients can also check their consultancy fees through the app. This is great as the patient can know about their nearby doctors and about the fees they need to pay. One of the best things about healthcare apps is that you can also check the ratings and reviews of the doctors given by other patients. This way you can have a little knowledge about their treatment.


5)Personal Attention to Health

The advanced features of health app give the patient the opportunity to keep a track on their own health. The app keeps the track of essential things like blood pressure, weight, sugar level, heartbeat, and cholesterol. Timely measure in case of increase or decrease of any of these can save from bigger problems.


6)Bill Payments Made Easy

Well, you did a blood test, you will have to pay at counter 4. You did the X-ray, you will have to pay at the counter 6. You are here for the regular consulting, you need to pay at the reception. Have you faced this in a hospital? Well, we all have. With mobile apps, you need to go to different counters or wait in a queue to make payment, it can be done right at your fingertips. Also, the payment can be done through multiple ways like debit or credit card, UPI ID, or wallets.


Well, the healthcare sector is showing great advancement with mobile apps. If you are indulged in this industry and want to stay strong in this industry all you need to do is find an iPhone or Android app development company and get started with the app.




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