Are You Taking the Right Nootropics? Read the Perfect Evaluation Checklist
30th October 2018
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Getting fascinated with Nootropics is quite easy. After all, it is your one-stop solution for gaining concentration, inattentiveness and short memory span. But ask yourself; are you taking the right nootropics? If you are a newbie, then begin with the basics for getting accustomed. Getting sufficient knowledge is vital to attaining your objectives. Conducting your research before taking the nootropic is thus highly imperative.

Steps to Choose the Best Quality Nootropic Supplements

The market today is flooded with nootropics of various types of which not all are of good quality. Below are some surefire steps that will help you to choose the best quality nootropic supplements,

  • Ingredients- First and foremost, ensure to check the ingredients and how it blends. Often people think that nootropics are made of ginseng extract or green tea. But this is not always true. It may comprise many other ingredients such as theanine.


  • Amount of Ingredients- You are not yet finished after just checking the ingredients. The next step will be to check the amount of the ingredient. Irrespective of the ingredient’s effectiveness if the quantity is not right to induce outcomes then usually this smart drug will be ineffective.


  • Right Brand- Avoid going to department and drug store because the former sells drugs with little incentive of selling supplements of high quality for competing with their crucial revenue source that is pharmaceuticals. The latter stores just everything right from clothes, furniture to appliances and possess no real incentive for ensuring the private label supplements' quality. Also keep away from supermarkets as it sells food as well as other grocery goods hence the private label supplements indeed are not the critical money-maker. Ensure that the company that you buy the nootropic from is legit as well as comes with a high-quality reputation and track record for selling nootropic supplements that are pure and genuine.


  • Quality Assurance- Select a reputable brand that offers the best quality nootropic. It should inform you about the whole supply chain right from the farm up to the capsule. Their marketing material and website will inform you regarding the purity test before, at the time and post-encapsulation. See the USDA certificate to ensure that the supplement is free against herbicides, pesticides, and toxins. Also, check the certification seals.


  • Certificate of Analysis- Some qualified labs test nootropic supplements for toxicity, potency, and quality. Always choose a company that provides Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility auditing, production documentation review, product quality control, and product testing. Ensure that the website has the mark of USP verified.


  • Therapeutic Dosages- In case of an individual dietary supplement, there is no level of therapeutic dosage. The dosage recommendations get based on personal experience, user reviews, and clinical trials. For first time users, it is good, to begin with, a very low dose and check how it works.


  • Set Realistic Expectations- It is vital to set a realistic expectation as well as realize that the nootropics world is a method, a key to discovering what will work fine for one. Most nootropics are subtle, which over time will build up effects. To set a proper expectation and to treat nootropics as an improvement or enhancement process will work wonders to improve one's success.


  • Check the Nootropic List- In case of a beginner; one may be in a fix where to begin? They can consider the basic racetam the family of nootropics which share the pyrrolidone nucleus. This family includes Piracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, and Aniracetam.Most people will consist of a Choline Source together with a racetam. It is however not a needed addition to racetam stacks as most people think. It is wise to experiment with things in isolation followed by adding other compounds for improving it. Also, certain foods are rich in choline such as red meat, cheese, fish and eggs. The widely used Natural nootropic supplements include Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Bacopa - these are adaptogens. The list of natural nootropics also comprises Lion's Mane Mushroom, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Teacrine, L-Theanine and Curcumin.

The Need to Take Nootropics

The perks of taking nootropics for the body and the brain are strong. It will improve the learning ability and also enhance memory. The brain gets protection from damage resulting from harmful chemicals. The neural firing mechanisms will be enhanced and it will be in the right shape at the time of disruptive conditions as well. The growth rate when it comes to new neurons increases, and at the same time, the tissues will recover from harm and damage.

People are like a regenerative machine which means the more nutrition they offer their body and brain the better they will be capable of repairing and recovering. The nootropics overall will help in promoting both mental and physical well-being alike. When a person feels great and also function great physiologically, they will possess the physical and mental energy to improve their day to day productivity to live a life that is more fruitful, healthier and longer. To know more visit

Ways of Supplementing with Nootropics

To get success from using nootropics, you need to know about the most effective and the proper methods that get included in the system. It must consist of the right foods to eat and the recommended amounts. The amounts usually taken in the body should be measured based on macronutrients which will affect the body's chemistry, hence must be taken in the right ratio.

The Right Nootropic Diet to Follow

While supplementing nootropics, you must eat whole food. Such foods must be included in the diet plan as it is healthy and has a nutrient profile of a higher level. Nootropic diets, in general, must contain enough fats, protein in moderate amounts and no to very low carbohydrates. The right nootropic diet plan will include,

  • Nutrient rich and high-quality protein sources such as chicken, adequately raised pork, fatty fish and grass-fed and pastured raised meats and beef. Protein from quality sources can minimize the bacteria and steroid hormone intake.


  • Moderate intake of dairy products is the way to go. Select full-fat products as it has a higher filling effect and fewer carbohydrates. Raw and organic products will be the right choice.


  • Oils and fats are crucial for the body and brain but if not taken in the right amount can be risky. Choose healthy and good fats that come from organic, grass-fed and natural sources. Get familiar with the various forms of fats and how it will affect the body. MTC oil, olive oil, and coconut oil will serve as an efficient and excellent source of fuel for the brain.


  • Vegetables and fruits that have low glycemic indices and high nutrient value will make for excellent filler for a nootropic diet. It is fiber rich that helps the gut health and better digestion. The best choice will be green leafy vegetables. One must eat fruits such as avocados and berries to get benefit from nootropic. Eat organic vegetables and fruits because it has greater nutrient profiles and fewer pesticide residues. 


  • Sweeteners are a big no. But in case of cravings, go for substitutes or alternative that will have in the body a low glycemic impact.


  • Use condiments and sauces as it has fewer sweeteners and sugars. Carefully check the ingredients present in the pre-made sauces. Homemade sauces are always a better option.


  • Use fresh herbs and pure spices for flavorings and food additives.


  • Drink water in adequate amounts. Consume plant-based milk, full fat, and raw milk too. Green tea and coffee also are excellent for a nootropic diet plan because it has antioxidants to offer fats and additional energy.

Nootropics- Common Synonyms

Some of the common synonyms of nootropics are as follows,

  • Cognition-enhancing supplements
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Neuroceuticals
  • Brain supplements
  • Nootropic supplements
  • Racetams
  • Intelligence enhancers
  • Cognitive enhancers
  • Neuro-enhancers
  • Memory enhancers
  • Brain drugs
  • Smart drugs

Often people think smart drugs and nootropics are the same. But there is a difference. The two are different but may have similar advantages. The former is a prescription pharmaceutical that doctors use treating narcolepsy or ADHD symptoms. These are stimulant drugs for the central nervous system. Ritalin or Adderall are the two most widely used smart drugs. Such stimulants will help with energy and focus in a person who is suffering from ADHD. It will produce spikes in norepinephrine and dopamine. Ritalin, Adderall, and other stimulants indeed are potent drugs that can have a lot of side effects like cardiac issues, sleep problems, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, and decreased appetite.

Addiction and dependency is undoubtedly a growing problem of taking smart drugs. Adrafinil and Modafinil are two other examples under this category. As wake-promoting agents, they possess various chemical make-up from the stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin yet in many people to have similar side effects.

On the other hand, nootropics will help to improve memory and learning. It will protect the brain and at the same time increase the natural cognitive process. Nootropics are not toxic so will neither depress nor stimulate the mind. In short, a smart drug serves as a brain’s drug while a nootropic acts as the brain’s food.


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