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15th August 2009
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Croydon Borough Council and Croydon’s free environmental business support programme ENVIBE (Environmental Business Excellence) have teamed up with Proper Oils in a free used cooking oil collection service across the Borough.

Collected in the same containers it was purchased in, there is no minimum quota to qualify, and increasing numbers of catering companies are signing up – in fact, any business that uses cooking oil in some way can benefit. The UCO is then turned into biodiesel locally and redistributed back to local businesses, further reducing their carbon footprint.

The scheme is reported to save businesses up to £200 per year per site, and as it’s good for the environment too it’s not to be sneezed at.

Disposing of UCO incorrectly leads to blockages and leaks in drains and sewer systems, which in turn increases environmental impact through flooding, and fiscal impact to the tax payer in clean up and maintenance costs.

It makes sense to recycle where possible anyway, and here is a project that makes a difference to the coffers as well.

For more information on this free used coking oil collection service, call Proper Oils direct on 0845 470 8091 (24 hours) or email


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