Amazing and Classic Black Diamond Ring for Her
30th September 2019
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Black of diamonds isn’t often a topic of conversation, leading some to believe that they are a myth. While black diamonds are definitely not a myth, they do come with a hint of mysticism. Depending on your cultural history or belief system, dark stones could be regarded as a blessing or a curse. 


An Indian fable likens the black diamond to the color of snake eyes, and had adopted the dark gem as a representation of Yama, the God of death. On the more optimistic side of the spectrum, Italian culture feels that precious stones are a very good luck charm. Touching a black diamond is said to bring very good fortune in marriage and help remedy marital woes. 


Whatever lore you subscribe to, it doesn’t negate the fact that black diamonds are mysteriously appealing and wonderful to look at. They have become a well-known staple in women’s jewelry, while darkish precious stone engagement rings are starting to become a more common fixture on the hands of celebrities. One must understand what dark gemstones are, and just where they come from, to really be able to appreciate them. 


What are Black Diamonds?

Simply put, black diamonds are an amalgam of diamond, graphite and amorphous carbon. In any other case known as ‘carbonado diamonds’, they are just found in Brazil and Central Africa. It should be noted that Brazil and Central Africa used to be adjacent to one another millions of years ago, so discovering these rare gemstones in both areas today is not that astonishing. 


The term ‘carbonado’ was coined by Portuguese explorers that thought dark stones looked burnt or carbonized like charcoal. Diamonds are usually mined from kimberlite deposits, whereas they are found solely in alluvial deposits.


Tougher than their sister stone, carbonados are the workhorse of the diamond family. Clocking in at a solid 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, dark gems are broadly used in machinery and as drill bits simply because of their strength. As you can imagine, they are extremely hard to cut and polish because of their polycrystalline framework.

Consumers are only now showing curiosity in this enigmatic precious stone. In the early 2000s Jewelry designers started using them to accent and showcase larger colorless stones; they began to grow in popularity from there.


But black diamonds had their greatest breakthrough when Mr. Big gave Carrie from Sex and The City a 5ct black diamond engagement ring. They continued to garner press when both Carmen Electra and Kat Von D openly brandished their dark precious stone engagement rings in public. Since then, black diamonds have been making appearances in jewelry boxes across the world.


Types of Black Diamonds

Natural Black Diamonds - Generally, natural black diamonds are just normal colorless gems with high amounts of impurities in them. Whereas traditional colorless stones are a single stone, dark gemstones are really held together by internal imperfections or inclusions that are made up of millions of smaller pieces. This is what sometimes gives them those pops of grey sparkles.

Treated Black Diamonds - Treated precious stones are the least expensive of their kind. Regularly used for industrial purposes, they are not perfect for jewelry or high-end products.

Lab-grown Black Diamonds - Now we're talking. Lab-grown black stones are some of the most sought after and expensive precious available today. Also recognized as synthetic diamonds, these lab-grown darkish gemstones are created by a specialized method that replicates, to the last detail and element, what a real diamond is as far as composition and detail.


Time for Some Quality Checking

As with all other valuable stones, these too are considered with carat weight, polish, and cut. Here, for the black diamonds, it is the size that actually matters. Get some help from a jeweler to check the polish quality, in order to buy the best gemstone while staying away from the numerous fake ones available in the marketplace.


How Are Black Diamonds Best Worn?

Being versatile, a black diamond will go very well with any outfit you wear, no issue what occasion it is. Precious stones in black are preferred by women, especially when designed in simple plain patterns.</p>


What Makes Them So Unique?

Actually large bridal engagement sets are being customized with black diamonds, which are in rage now. Black is chosen by out-of-the-box wedding shoppers. They can be styled with avant-garde ideas.


Black Diamond Rings for Women

In recent seasons, modern brides-to-be have started showing a discerning taste for the avant-garde when it comes to wedding rings-unusual designs, colorful stones, unique configurations, and so forth. Darkish gemstone engagement rings besides being unique and catching the eye are also very amazing. 


Isn’t it every girl’s dream to get a special and gorgeous engagement ring? Especially a unique and beautiful diamond engagement ring and what else would be better if you get a black diamond engagement ring. After all dark gem is one of the rarest and creatively arresting diamonds. These stunning and sizzling black stones are generally combined with smaller white stones to produce a spectacular contrast.


After all the black and white combination is well-known, a black diamond engagement ring is the great choice to showcase not only a lovely and exclusive stone ring but also the women who wear this incredible ring. The greatest part about these dark gemstone engagement rings are that the diamonds in them are cut and polished to perfection so that their elegance is magnified. These darkish gems are generally set in 14- karat or 18-karat gold or platinum. These engagement rings can also be placed in white gold, black gold, and rose gold. Here Segal Jewelry has amazing collection of black diamond rings for women.


Consider the Ring a Reflection of Yourself

We are in a time where women can easily express their personalities with all of their choices, particularly their jewelry. We are experiencing brides becoming less picky about sticking to one metal color and being comfortable mixing and matching - like with mixed-metal rings. Trends that can be explained as "unexpected" for engagement rings symbolize a shift towards originality and craftsmanship, as opposed to tradition. When you are choosing something that is special to you, that no one else has, or that probably you personalize to your liking, it will remain a sound ring selection. You will never ever feel like it was tied to a moment in time.

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