19th May 2008
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I live just outside the Borough of Croydon in Redhill which means that I am up and down the A23, Brighton Road, pretty much every day and I have never seen so many police car / bikes / van as I have in the last couple of weeks.

There is obviously a massive crack down operation going on - it's all about seat belts, mobile phone and speed, according to the billboard posters.

The principle of the operation is a good thing when you find out that 13% of all road casualties across Croydon occur on the A23! That is nearly 500 lives at best shaken by an accident and for 4 of them fatal.

However I am shocked to have discovered today that in those 2 weeks, over 1,000 tickets have been handed out.

When you open a newspaper these days you can pretty much guarantee that there will have been another murder / knife attack somewhere in London. As a result we are turning into a society that over protects our children - some 8 years old have been caught carrying knives 'for their own safety'.

But did you know that 70 more people die every year from road traffic accident in London alone, than they do from murder.

We do our best to protect ourselves and the life of others against crime, yet we very often still put our own and other's life at risk whilst behind the wheel.

Here are 3 money saving tips for you:

- switch your mobile phone off when driving so that you don't get tempted when it rings;

- put your seat belt on

- lift your feet off, which will also save you lots of petrol!

Why are they money saving? Because they will save you a ticket from the police... and might even save a life or 2!

The A23 operation is understood to run until 30th May.

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