A Success Story: Tamed Tresses at Jam Hair
30th August 2011
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A Success Story: Tamed Tresses from The Fashion Phoenix


Us girls have it tough. Pressures to look like supermodels teamed with the reality of having to hold down flourishing careers, pick up the dry-cleaning and keep up with a buzzing social life can sometimes seem like an impossible task. My main enemy in this endless merry-go-round is my hair. It can't quite decide whether it wants to be curly or wavy, and being riddled with frizz, I have fallen into the vicious circle of blow-drying and straightening, which in turn causes more frizz and endless damage, let alone hours of my time each week spent styling it to within an inch of its life. 


So when I came across a treatment which promised to tame and reduce frizz, condition the hair, and here comes the best part, all this without having to use hairdryers and straighteners (therefore saving precious time in my hectic life), I had to give it a try.


You may have seen deals for these Brazilian or Keratin Blowdrys on the internet, however, I believe that you must trust your hairdresser, and with a treatment such as this, I wasn't about to stray to a salon I didn't know. If you are going to take a deal, search for online reviews of the salon first and make sure you are going to a place you feel you can trust. For me, I can't recommend enough 'Jam Hair'. Located in Sanderstead just outside of London, I felt like I was walking into a top West End salon. With the interior boasting clean cut lines and huge vintage style mirrors, comfy chairs and most of all, excellent service, I was given the London treatment without paying London prices. Most importantly, I fully trusted that my hair was in good hands, and that the outcome I was hoping for would be achieved.


The brand which was used to deliver my Brazilian Blowdry at Jam Hair was GKhair. Juvexin keratin is used to coat the hair, providing long term conditioning which tames the hair and reduces frizz. GKhair explains on its website that Juvexin is derived from sheep's wool through an environmentally friendly process, and delivered to the hair in its natural state. After the treatment had been applied, my hair was immediately sleek and dramatically softer. The treatment must be left without washing for two days, and when washed, special shampoo and conditioner which does not contain sodium chloride or sulphate must be used as these ingredients strip the keratin from the hair quickly.


So, the verdict? Since my Brazilian Blowdry treatment at Jam Hair, my hair has been more manageable and less time consuming as I can simply let it dry naturally giving results which I used to only achieve after blow-drying my hair. It looks healthier, and I have had numerous comments on how shiny it is. Most excitingly, I have not had to use straighteners or heat in order to style my hair. This not only limits the time spent styling my hair, but limits the damage I inflict onto it, hopefully giving it the ability to grow to the gorgeous long supermodel locks I dream of.



You can contact Jam Hair at             0208 9160773       or find out more here at Check out their Blog too here at

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