A Short Corporate Holiday Gift-Giving Guide
22nd December 2021
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The $50 Rule of Thumb
The $50 rule of thumb was $20 about ten years ago. In some communities, you might want to call the $50 rule of thumb a $100 rule of thumb—Los Angeles and New York City come to mind. In places like Kansas or Nebraska, the $20 rule of thumb probably still applies.

However, most of the country has experienced vast inflation, so corporate budgets for gifts may need to change a little bit. There’s a definite balance you need to achieve. You don’t want to buy someone something that’s more than $50 in a corporate setting, or they’ll think you’ve got an angle. Go too cheap, and they’ll think you’re trying to look good without actually caring.

The $20 to $50 range is about perfect for most gift-giving situations in a corporate atmosphere. Here’s a list of 67 gifts in that range that are pretty nice. Following, we’ll explore a few more best practices you might want to consider for desirable outcomes here.


Tools and Work Accouterments
Sometimes corporate won’t spring for a new keyboard, but you see one at a bargain price in the $20 range. Pick it up for Janice two cubicles over; she’s been complaining about hers for a few months, she’d love a new one.

Maybe Steve across the hall would love a jokey poster, or a legitimate painting you pick up at a flea market. Perhaps Alice would love a bamboo plant for her desk.

Non-Romantic Floral Arrangements
Another great idea, especially between professional ladies, is to send flowers. Now, be careful here. You definitely do not want to be perceived as showing romantic attention to anyone in the office. Well, unless that’s your express intention.

Flowers can be misconstrued, but they’re really a perfect option for most situations. Just ask the florist you’re buying from which floral arrangements are the most platonic.


Snacks for The Break Room and In-Between
One thing no corporate workforce ever has enough of is snacks. You know what people want, what they have, and what they like. Pick up some snacks, wrap them nicely, leave them where your coworker’s workstation is.

Gifts for Their Family Through You – A Toy for the Kids, Etc.
Maybe you can’t figure out what to give your friend across the building, but you know he’s got a wife and kids. Perhaps a necklace for the wife, a toy for the kids, or something for his cat would be nice. If you can’t figure out what to get him, buy something he can give someone else close to him.

Bringing Holiday Festivity to Your Corporate Work Environment
A lot of companies will do something like “Secret Santa” every year, giving you a bit more latitude. However, if you’ve got friends and colleagues in the workplace that you see daily, and respect, you might as well get them something nice this holiday season.

Tools for the job, workplace accoutrements like posters or bamboo plants, non-romantic floral arrangements, snacks, and gifts for their family like toys for their little ones can all be great ideas, depending on your coworkers, your relationship to them, and the sort of job you’re working. Hopefully, these suggestions help your imagination get going on what would be best.


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