7 Ways To Use Instagram For Business
11th February 2019
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Instagram is a photo sharing online platform or application which was debuted in 2010 and which was acquired in the year 2012 by Facebook.


As of now, the application boasts of approximately 400 million users and indeed, it popularity has now attracted the attention of numerous business entities that are using the platform for business and marketing purposes.


In the words of Robert Trif, owner of London SEO agency,BestSEO4U, “Social media marketing is an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy and businesses can’t ignore the importance of Instagram. Especially in the case of local business owners, leveraging the power of Instagram influencers is a great way to boost branding and generate good leads”.


In essence, business owners can use Instagram so that they can give their business entities extra visibility as well as become in a better position of engaging their businesses with the Instagram family or community. Some of the ways through which Instagram can be used by businesses include


1- Showcasing Business Products


Business entities can use Instagram to show or depict their products. Owing to the fact that most people always love to browse different products, the use of Instagram to show the products being sold by a business firm is quite convenient for most shoppers. This can be done through various ways and these include:


Creation of a business’ window shop in which business owners can share a new collection of the products being offered through sharing of such photos on Instagram.


Business owners such as fitness trainers can be able to show off some of their best workout equipment to potential customers on Instagram.


2- Showing Process or Procedure On How a Product is Made


Most customers across the world are always interested in knowing how a certain product is made before they finally purchase it. Assage driver, social media strategist suggests, “In addition to Instagram Stories, users can take and stream live video that disappears – sort of like a cross between Facebook Live and Snapchat. You can give customers a live look behind the scenes of interesting aspects of your business, show products or answer live questions through the comments.”. Shots can be made at numerous points during the process of manufacturing which are ultimately shared by followers.


3- Going Behind Scenes


There are some of the moments where individuals have to experience in actual life. Instagram presents business people with an opportunity to give their followers a backstage pass that is quite exclusive such as through making a photo shoot for an advertisement or a catalog.


4- Creation of Demand


Business firms can use Instagram in showing what a company’s products are capable of doing.


Business firms can also use Instagram in creation of demand through aiding consumers to image the uses of the products that are being offered. It also presents businesses with good chances to invite content which is user generated.


The company can also make its fans present to it their photos that show the creative use of the company’s products in which the best are picked and then posted on Instagram.


5- Making Followers and Customers Feel Special


The use of Instagram presents businessmen and women an opportunity to not only feel special but also present them with a preview of the services or products that are being offered by their respective business firms.


In addition to that, business owners can also use Instagram to give followers a preview of the production facilities, new stores, or even offices which are in the making and ensure that the same is published on other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


6- Showing of Business Office


Business organizations can use Instagram to post photos providing life stories of their firm’s office such as their employees playing, training sessions, and brainstorming sessions in progress, employees at lunch, and even the corporate gym! In circumstances where businesses are hiring, Instagram can be used by pointing to individuals in the online job postings through captions.


7- Engagement of Audience


Businesses can use Instagram in order easily engage with their audience who follow them. This can be done through:


Responding to any of the comments in which individuals may leave on the feed.


Saying thank you in order to show commenters that the business appreciates their input. It is important to follow all the social media etiquettes.


Responding quickly to any comments being made by followers thus enhancing the business reputation which can ultimately lead to higher sales.


Deal quickly and effectively with any form of complains that may be left on the business Instagram profile of the business.


Fast responses are quite essential for the success of any business since it makes them feel that they are not only values, but also that the business takes their concerns on a serious note. 



Based on the above facts, it is quite apparent that Instagram plays a

significant role in the success of any given business enterprise across the

world. The use of Instagram stories provides a significant and effective way

through which business owners can get a good opportunity to promote their

respective businesses and ensure that they are driven to greater heights. 


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