50 Billion Reasons to Wax and Not Shave by Charlotte of London
5th September 2011
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50 Billion Reasons to Wax and Not Shave by Charlotte of London

You may have read the report from Thames Water that women use over 50 Billion Litres of water a year shaving their legs.

The problem seems to be leaving the tap running during the process.

It's apparently enough water to supply all the homes in London for 25 days.

Their calculation assumes it takes three minutes to shave both legs and that women do so on average three times a week, therefore using 4,680 litres each year.

It said in a family of three women (that's us) will use enough water in a year to fill a small swimming pool.

Well I have the perfect solution. Let us wax them for you.

Think of the advantages.


  • You'll reduce your water bill (assuming you have a metered supply) and of course you'll help save the planet.
  • Waxing will leave your legs feeling much smoother and on average you only have to wax once a month, so not only will your skin feel smoother but you'll save time as well. 


You should try waxing if you haven't already.

But isn't it painful I hear you cry. I can tell you it's a lot less painful than nipping yourself with a razor.

I guarantee you once you've tried waxing you will see how much better the results are and how much easier it is. There is another plus of course. The water you save could be used for the pool you've always wanted.   

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