5 tips to get good SSAT score
1st March 2019
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If you are planning to study in an alternative school, the importance of your SSAT scores cannot be undermined. The exam is crucial, and how you score in this exam will determine a lot at this budding stage of your career.


The importance of a good SSAT score impels students to put their best foot forward. Since the exam is not that easy to crack, SSAT test prep begins at least three months before the exam. SSAT aspirants focus on their strengths and weaknesses to make the best use of the time.


While the goal is to score good grades, different children use different approaches for this purpose. While some make a study schedule, others use flashcards to tease their memory. Your fellow batchmates are using strategies you cannot even think of, so what's your game plan?


You don't need to break your head about it yet, here are five ace tips you can use to score well in your SSAT!

Familiarize Yourself with The Exam:

Before starting with anything, read as much as possible about the SSAT exams. SSAT is a multiple choice aptitude test, divided into 5 sections. The sections include Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Writing, Reading.


As the name suggests, the verbal section deals with words, and ideas about words. The Maths section covers arithmetic problems, algebra, geometry and such. The reading comprehension passage tests how quickly a student can finish reading and how much they can retain.


The SSAT exam has two levels, lower, for students in grade 5-7 and upper grade for students in 8-11.


Knowing all this will better enable you to prepare for the exam.

Take Up A Lot of Practice Test:

Before appearing for the final exam, taking a few mock-up tests always plays to the benefit of the candidate. Such SSAT tests can help a student gain confidence. Of course, the first few tests you take, may not turn out to be good. You may commit a few mistakes and falter in some areas.


That is exactly what you need to target! Understand your key strengths and major problems and solve them accordingly.


An SSAT-like Set Up:

Once you have sanded your rough edges by taking multiple mock tests, it is the time to get all serious. At least once a week, take a full SSAT like-test, stretching for 2 hours 35 minutes (SSAT length).


Many a times, a student may be all prepared for the exam. But once they enter the examination hall, they go all blank. Such full-scale practice tests can be effective to target that. With such tests, you are sure of what to expect.

Use Smart Study Techniques:

If you are an SSAT aspirant, you must know this for a fact, that all the toppers of this exam have a super demanding study schedule. Of course, you can not let go of all the things you do apart from studying while you are preparing for SSAT.


Your co-curricular activities will continue, and you will also have to socialize. In that light, you will have to use your study time effectively.


The idea is to spot the weak areas and the target is to improve them. You can begin the process by taking a mock SSAT test. As you proceed, mark the questions you are not confident about. After the test, set a grade for yourself.


As you go on the grading process, write what you feel about the question, and why you could not get it right.


Such smart study plans are required to score well in SSAT.

Combining Scores:

Now, this is a lot of relief. Note that schools only check the best score of each section. Under such circumstance, you can combine the score of the Reading Comprehension and Verbal skills from the previous SSAT exam with the Maths and Logical Reasoning score of the coming SSAT exam!


Thus it is advisable to take up multiple tests across the different time period. This is a very strategic way to go about things. In your first attempt, try and excel in all the sections. It is important to note that such instances rarely occur. But even if you manage to do well in some sections, you are set!


All you have to do is better the other section in the next exam and you are in! If you are planning on using this strategy, have a talk with your teacher. Only a good tutor can help you maximize your SSAT scores, so as to ensure the best results.

Put in your best and beat the rest.

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