5 Reasons Why CBD Hemp Oils Are Perfect for the Skin
26th October 2018
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In this day and age, people are quite fond of using skincare products. What is saddening though is the fact that some people do not care to research about the products they use on their skin. Do not be carried away by the unnecessary desire for skin products, but rather read on for some unknown benefits of CBD hemp oils.

Before it all however, let’s first understand the term CBD. It is derived from cannabidiol or medicinal cannabis if you like. Truth is, these days, researchers have become quite passionate about the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. That said, the CBD hemp oil is produced after the hemp (a cannabis sativa plant species) is pressed.

Now, the oils are said to contain several nutrients including but not limited to Omega 3, Omega 6, amino acids and other important fatty acids. That said, here are 5 reasons why you should be using CBD hemp oils for your skin:

  • The oils are a good moisturizer – As mentioned above, the hemp oils contain a good amount of fatty acids. This is what makes the oil a good moisturizer. If you have a dry and/or cracked skin, then you can find the ultimate relief with these oils.


  • The oils are good for relieving inflammations – When the skin is irritated because of harsh skin products or harsh soaps, you might end up feeling sore. From the soreness and redness, then comes the inflammation. On the other hand, acne, eczema and skin psoriasis cause inflammation as well. Not to worry though; you can reduce the swelling and improve the overall condition of the skin with CBD hemp oils.


  • The oils are gentle on the skin – Did you know that there are some skin products that are not appropriate for certain ages? With CBD hemp oils, there is no limitation. The young and the old can use the CBD oils on their skin at any given point. The oils are gentle on the skin, meaning that there will be zero allergic reactions regardless of your skin type.


  • The oils are said to reduce wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes – Let’s face it; even as we age by the day, no one looks forward to the wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. And in as much this is a stage that we are approaching as the days go by, you can reduce those wrinkles with CBD hemp oils. Their anti-aging power is evident from reviews at the HempCaptain.

Away from the skin care benefits, CBD hemp oils are also great for the hair. In fact, if you research on the best hair products we have in the market like conditioners and shampoos, you will find out that most of them contain hemp oils.

And now to conclude, beauty products are expensive and some of them are harmful to the skin. The good news however, is that CBD hemp oils are a fairly priced alternative and an alternative that is good for all skin types. 


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