30-year Scheme To Regenerate West Croydon
26th July 2009
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Apparently Croydon is being treated to a regeneration scheme to be piloted over the next 30 years. Have we heard this before?

Maybe so but let's hope that such talk of Visions-For-The-Future turn into Reality-For-The-Present, and Croydon actually does get a full and well-planned face-lift as befits an ageing lady in the prime of a life thats possibly seen better days. Although in this case hopefully the salad days ahead will be the best ones!

Here at The Best Of Croydon, we obviously see the potential of our towncity or we wouldn't be spending all our working - and sometimes social - lives talking it up and finding - quite literally - the best businesses and culture it has to offer.

Architects Studio Egret West are headlining the project in terms of co-ordinating  the differing projects, and other big names like developers Menta and Stanhope/Schroders join the party. With significant and prominent projects under their collective belts, their involvement bodes well and should provide both kudos and creativity.

I certainly hope these plans for bettering Croydon's "entrance" and "exit" and subsequently the general visual impression of the place achieve their goal. Maybe a good starting point could be to set a savvy marketeer to come up with a better phrase than the slightly anatomical "entrance" and "exit"!

I look forward to reporting these various developments as they happen.



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