19th March 2009
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The Borough of Croydon is not generally held as an icon for beauty and cosmopolitan living; I think however all that is about to change. During the 1960's Croydon was extensively rebuild after World War Two bombing raids decimated much of the town centre. Croydon seemed to lose its identity and muddled through the next few decades unsure of what concrete really does for one's reputation.

The are however a new band of brothers - and sisters - setting forth to spread the word: Croydon is back, and its better than ever. With an extensive marketing campaign designed to change perceptions, the Croydon Ambassadors Programme utilises a strong network of people in and around the Croydon Borough who will communicate the new vision. Our very own Maud Alleyne has been invited to be one of the Ambassadors, and we are all very proud to know she will be singing Croydon's praises to a wider audience. For more information, ask Maud herself through our Contacts page, or visit www.croydonambassadors.com to register your interest.

Alongside the £500m project to regenerate the town centre, the Ambassadors programme launched last week will help to secure Croydon's long-term future. Although I love traditional architecture, I do also appreciate modernity, and might be one of very few who actually like the No1 Croydon office block. Having had so many years of sub-aesthetic architecture, this could now be the start of a new life for the Borough of Croydon - in my imagination it will end up looking like the down-town LA that we see in Hollywood blockbusters. In reality of course it probably wont, but if perception of self image works to boost confidence in people, why can't the same be applied to a town?

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