6th November 2008
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What a week it has been already!

First of all - a new President for America. I do like him very much and I think he brings lots of hopes not only to the American people but to the rest of us too. Not that he will solve the 2 wars America is involved in or the biggest financial crisis in a century, but he has brought hope by showing that anyone can achieve great things.

A giant step in the long, yet unfinished journey of racial progress in America and the world.

I would have loved to be on the other side of the pond when this historic moment happened - well done to Barack for having the courage to run for President and well done to America for voting him in.

Though I would like to add that he is NOT black. This point slightly irritates me. I am a mother of 2 mixed raced girls (mum white, dad black) and they are 'brown'. I certainly couldn't qualify them as white but neither are they black. Ditto for Hamilton.

Yes both Obama and Hamilton's victories are a giant steps towards the acceptance of coloured people in domains where they had no access previously, but not because black people have won, more because it is the celebration of the united colours of the world! And that I am proud of and passionate about!


Then on Wednesday, I was delighted to run the very first lunchtime chapter of BNI.

BNI is the world's most successful business referral organisation. Set up in 1985, BNI meetings have always happened early in the morning (the idea being that you can then get on with the rest of your business day). However, mornings don't suit everyone. Mothers of young children are busy getting the family ready and to school, larger organisations can't always ask their employees to attend a meeting starting a 7am, not forgetting people who simply don't do mornings!

So we are on the road to launching the first ever lunchtime chapter in Croydon. Lots of people came to find out more about BNI and the interest has certainly been great. Watch this space! Exciting times ahead!

For more info about BNI, click here.


And finally today, Thursday 6th November, interest rates have dropped by 1.5% to a 50 year low at just 3%!

With my house on the market since August, it can only be good news. We have had the grand total of 4 visits in 3 months!!! But just this afternoon 2 more have booked for Saturday and Monday. So fingers crossed, we might be under offer soon!

If you're looking to buy, this I believe is one of the best deal around. 4 double bedrooms, 2 batchrooms and currently on the market for offers above £225,000! Rental value £1,200 to £1,400.

Who do you know who's looking for a fabulous buy to let?

Click here to see all the details:


That's all for now - a week that's changed the world and hopefully my world!

Maud, Director, thebestofcroydon


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