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There is a much publicised obesity problem in the UK, and Croydon has its fair share of 'chunkies' (including myself). But with so much temptation around it seems unfair to miss out on the goodies. With a bit of thought, that may not be necessary.
Last week was National Vegetarian Week, the UK's annual awareness raising campaign designed to promote vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat free lifestyle. It may have worked, as I've been giving it some thought.
15th - 22nd May 2012 is British Sandwich Week - surely the most versatile, variable and possibly under rated convenience food we have. From picnics in the park, through to school lunches and State occasions, the humble sandwich will always be in evidence.
In order to tackle extreme poverty, we need to understand it – living for just a few days below the poverty line can give a far greater insight than televised appeals and newspaper images. Is Croydon willing to give it a go?
Have you ever considered a hobby with a difference? Croydon will be a hive of activity on the 14th April with Croydon Beekeepers Taster day. Keeping bees is a hobby with potential to turn into a small business if you really get bitten by the bug!
From the 2nd to the 5th June 2012 the whole country will be celebrating our Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Nobody does a street party quite like the Brits in patriotic mood - make sure your street party is a resounding success with thebest of Croydon top tips.
You know that spring is creeping up on us, which means summer (such as it may be) won't be far behind. Time to come out of hibernation - let's make it as painless as possible, but can you actually boost your energy and drop weight without really noticing?
Shrove Tuesday has its origins in deeply religious roots and this significance will always be uppermost to Christians - but everyone can partake of the culinary side of the festival...and there's more to pancakes than just lemon juice!
Join the Croydon Weight Loss Challenge and get your New Year off to a great start... the choice of diet plan is yours, so make sure it’s the right choice and enjoy support and motivation during the 12 week challenge
You may be planning turkey with all the trimmings for the weekend, and may have already had a turkey lunch courtesy of work, and obviously are looking forward to your turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day...
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