SkyDive for charity!
19th March 2013
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Falling 10,000 feet and hospitals probably sound like they go together, but not necessarily something you’d want to combine! But now you can in total safety and for a great cause with the SkyDive for Colchester Hospitals Charity.

You’ll experience the thrill of standing by an open door of an aircraft, 10,000 feet up, hearing nothing but the roar of the wind as you lean forward and let yourself fall through the clouds.

You’ll reach speeds of upwards of 120mph before the canopy opens and the steering toggles drop in front of you.

As you float down to Earth in the tranquillity of the open sky, steering yourself down from a mile in the air until you reach the drop-zone, you’ll be able to see for miles across the area. (Oh, and you’re not being forced to do this alone… A trained instructor will be harnessed to you, so no need to panic!)

The Colchester Hospitals Charity is there to help the local NHS Trust to improve the quality of care for their patients. Whether that’s helping with the funding for fixtures and fittings to improve the quality of a stay in hospital, or donating the money needed to invest in vital new equipment, they help local hospitals provide a level of care which is above and beyond what they would normally be able to offer.

Recent donations have ranged from a new water cooler for a clinic to more comfortable chairs in the radiotherapy waiting room to a £42,000 investment in a digital heart scanner for the Special Care Baby Unit.

Skydiving is an exhilarating experience, and you can do it for free whilst raising money for this absolutely vital local charity.

So go on... raise your adrenaline levels and some money for an incredibly worthy cause!

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