Registered Nurse of the Year
12th May 2015
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Daniel Rowark

Hello, my name is Daniel Rowark and I am pleased to have been appointed as Deputy Manager of our new Colchester home.

I have worked for Barchester Healthcare for more than 12 years in roles including Care Assistant, Team Leader, Staff Nurse and more recently Head of the Nursing Community at a home in Cheshire.

My journey has been enhanced by those that have lived within the Barchester Community over the years. I have been both fortunate and privileged to hear about the lives and experiences of individuals of many and varied backgrounds; they shared their journeys with me and it drove my passion to enhance the next stages of each of these with the goal that each and every moment is the best it can possibly be.

I have had an overwhelming and rewarding year and it is the values that I have learned whilst working with Barchester Healthcare that led to me being awarded their Registered Nurse of The Year 2014 and to a finalist place in The Nursing Time Awards 2014 in the Rising Star Category.

My experiences past and present have taught me many things, the core theme being that making even the slightest difference to each person's day is reward enough for the job I do. I strive to inspire others to find that same feeling, with continued development of quality, person centred care being at the heart of what we do.

We welcome you to our new home and look forward to new experiences and the next stages of our journey together.

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