Hot Summers day-theres only one place to head to !!!!!
21st July 2015
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Sweet Dream - Before dinner cocktail of the year 2012
A refreshing and palate cleansing cocktail containing a mixture of citrus and green apples, subtly stirred with a strong Gin and Dry Martini base; this cocktails sure to wake up your taste buds. £8.50

Shining Bloom - After dinner cocktail of the year 2012
Full of fruity notes, this vodka based drink is delicately creamy and easy to drink but full of flavour, topped off with a dash of Crème Brule flavoured syrup for those who like it slightly sweet.£8.50

Green Island - Long drink of the year 2012
Bursting with character, this long cocktail contains hints of Aloe Vera and Ginger mixed with a muddle of cucumber. Disaronno, Green Apples and Tropical Fruits take this cocktail to another level and it’s sure to impress. £8.50

Perfum de Beaumont - Sparkling cocktail of the year 2011
This beautifully sparkling cocktail encompasses soft fruity tones, which are brought to life when combined with the champagne. Like silk on the tongue, this cocktail reveals itself to be Perfum you really can drink… £13.00
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