Green Pulse Energy are Charity Experts !!!!
12th June 2015
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In this Apprentice style challenge, which is sponsored by Birkett Long, St Helena Hospice gave participating businesses and groups a crisp £50 note at the launch in June (kindly donated by Birkett Long). The aim is to use the £50 to kick-start fundraising activities of their own choice and get as much return for their money as possible. All money raised goes straight to St Helena Hospice.

With this in mind, the Boys will be at Rowhedge regatta on saturday the 20th June; they will be there all day with their demonstration Trailer;showing what they do-its amazing !!!!!They are sponsoring this event, free giveaways, plus Balloons and stickers for the kids.

Its a fantastic day out for all of the family plus you can make fantastic savings.

Theres even a green pulse Tug of War Team-awsome.

Participating businesses found interesting and innovative ways of turning their £50 into as much profit as possible. The 22 teams that took part raised an incredible £45,703.14 for St Helena Hospice! Wow!

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