Do you know what your lipstick contains?
25th November 2012
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Linda Greenslade from Santé Health Shop and Therapy Centre in Colchester is passionate about helping customers 'look good naturally' as she explains...

Did you know that women swallow up to 1 ½ kilos of lipstick in their lifetime?

This is shocking when you know that many lipsticks contain lead. As a rule of thumb, the brighter the colour and the longer it lasts, the higher the lead content.

Make sure you are not eating lead!

Our lipsticks from Essential Care and Dr Hauschka are lead free. Essential Care Cherry Tart and Dr Hauschka Warm Copper are deep colours without harmful chemicals and have been voted 2nd of the 5 best lead-free lipsticks.

Want to look great for the Christmas festivities?

Viridian’s latest product is Skin Hydration in their Ultimate Beauty range. It’s a supplement with lipowheat which has the effect of plumping up the skin. It may take more than 1 course but then the effect can last for several months.

Look good naturally! Visit Santé Health Shop and Therapy Centre in Colchester today!

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