Colchesters great Business's!!!
3rd May 2012
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Hi to all, just to let you know we are looking for any new recommendations of Colchester's best business's.

Since starting with the Best of 5 weeks ago I have seen, invited to join us, and met a lot of very interesting people already.

We have made some great new friends at the best of; The Mercury Theatre, Colchester United and our local Cinema, the Odeon.

I am seeing Jill Purcell at St. Helena Hospice this week to forge another local stategic partner.

I am hoping to strike up new partnerships with Colchester Zoo, Colchester Castle and Museums and another great local charity-Headway.

I hope you will all agree a great bunch of Local fantastic places to visit, enjoy, support and help.

Anyway, looking forward to blogging again soon, all my Bestof simon.



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