Treat your mum this Mother’s Day
4th March 2015
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Mother’s Day is coming up so why not treat her by booking a hair treatment? It is universally known by all women that there is nothing like a trip to the hairdressers to make you feel better. You go in feeling not at your best but there is something about having your hair washed, trimmed, dried and styled that results in you leaving the salon a completely different person!

It doesn’t take a radical change of hairstyle, just someone else doing what they do best to your hair, making it look its best that can make you leave the salon feeling like a million dollars with a huge smile on your face. If you’re looking for an idea for something for your mum (or any female in your life for that matter) then why not treat them to a trip to a salon for them to have a treatment (even if you’re on a tight budget and it’s only a wash and blow-dry) it’s guaranteed to make them feel pampered: one of the aims of Mother’s Day after all!

If a relaxing session at a salon is just up your mum’s street then why book an appointment for her at Limes Hair Company? Their friendly service, relaxing atmosphere and ever present ability to actually listen to their clients is unprecedented and will be a real treat for anyone fortunate to go for a treatment there.

To book an appointment either for yourself or someone you love then why not click here.

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