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12th March 2013
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The weather we're experiencing maybe up-and-down but it doesn't stop snowdrops from appearing and breathing fresh life into what has been turbulent winter since the New Year. On the horizon daffodils will be out in bloom and Spring will have sprung from the clutches of winter; but until then we can still find the odd Primrose, sheets of Crocus and fungi of all descriptions. For instance, this last week whilst Nordic Walking with my group on the Cotswold Way, I found a rather splendid and proud standing red fungi which took my eye. They were located on a north facing wooded slope, abundant on a fallen mossy tree; so not knowing what they were, I took a photo and posted a note on Facebook to fellow International Mountain Leaders and within 2 minutes had the answer - Scarlet Elf Caps.

The same source also posted a photo of animal footprints he found whilst leading a group snowshoeing in Romania, after much quizzery, they were turned out to be Lynx…”every day, truly is a learning day!”


If you haven’t done so already, early spring is the time for digging out the guide books, maps and all other paraphernalia we use to make the most of our time in the countryside.  It's also time to wash and reproof waterproofs, walking boots, shake all the remnants of last years dust and rubble from our rucksacks and generally look forward to another year enjoying the unique and wonderful public footpath system we often take for granted in the UK.  Having trekked in some amazing places around the world, it is refreshing to return to the UK and our well-structured pathways and marked signposts.  These have been passed down to us throughout the generations and we have a responsibility to maintain and protect them for future generations; so if you do find stiles in disrepair, hedgerows out of control and blocking access, new buildings appearing where they should not, please contact your Rights of Way Officer at the Council or log-on to http://www.iprow.co.uk for advice.


If you would like to join us for Nordic Walking, or on our many and varied walks, hill days and mountain days please contact us, we also run navigation training, and mountain skills training to help you enjoy your hill or mountain experience more safely www.GeminiOutdoorAdventure.co.uk


Written By Steve Ellis


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