Make thebestof Yourself With A Makeover!
19th November 2012
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Its very strange to see yourself in a whole new light. Its exciting, interesting and a little odd when the face you have been looking at all these thirty- erm... something years, looks back at you from the mirror and is totally different. I liked seeing my new face. It was made for me as part of a makeover-experience by Capture Every Moment Photography and Carissa Jones did capture that moment very well in her photos. There were a few photos taken as the magic was happening – make up and false lashes applied, hair tidied up and cups of tea and biscuits consumed and I was made to feel at ease quite quickly. So, when the time came to ‘work it’ in front of the camera, my inner ‘Elle Macpherson’ took over and my nerves had gone, along with my frizzy hair and the dark circles under my eyes.

Carissa encouraged me to try poses I wouldn’t normally have done and even though I’m my own worst critic (ooh my nose looks too big, you can see my sticky-out ears!) I must say she took lots of photos that I love. And they are photos that I will keep forever, so when my wrinkles get deeper, and everything begins to head for the floor, I can show my girls what Mummy used to look like (after a little bit of help..).

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