It’s not just about the exercise…
11th December 2014
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While many will focus simply on getting fitter and increasing the amount of exercise accomplished in a week, that alone is not the way forward. To really succeed in getting fitter and healthier it is also important to look at your diet and make some key changes that will help transform your life. This is hard to do on your own as, although you may know what is good/bad to eat, identifying key problems in your diet or knowing what products to swap can be a daunting uphill struggle. By hiring a personal trainer, not only are you getting support for your fitness with a plan that suits your needs and requirements, you will also be getting help to sort out your diet in simple, easy to manage stages.

Diet and fitness go hand in hand. While personal trainers are not dieticians they do know what they are talking about when it comes to food. They will not be able to recommend a complete new diet tailored specifically to you (you would need to hire a dietician if that is what you want) but a personal trainer would be able to advise on the small changes that can be made to what you currently eat that will help improve your life style. They can recommend healthy snacks, good foods to swap in and foods that you should be avoiding so that you have a well-balanced, rounded diet that is easy to manage alongside your new fitness regime.

Dramatically changing your diet is not easy to achieve but by making small changes you can make big differences. One such change is by having quinoa instead of rice or couscous as this is a good source of protein which contains all 9 of the essential amino acids that your body needs daily which it can’t make or store. Why struggle to make such changes by yourself, spending hours researching, when you could hire a personal trainer and get fit and healthy with all the support and encouragement you need to do so.

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