Halloween In Cirencester 2013 - Stuck for ideas?!
14th October 2013
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You’ve got Halloween costumes, face paints, decorations and enough sweets to get half the kids of Cirencester high on e-numbers. But how do you keep them all entertained at your Halloween Party? And what do you do with all the icky pumpkin inners after you’ve sculptured your masterpiece? 

There are so many games you can play on Halloween, my favourite was always apple bobbing, but If you don’t fancy watery face paints all over your carpet and a small risk of drowning, then why not opt for doughnut dangling instead? Just tie ring doughnuts at different heights from a curtain rail and see if the kids can eat them without using their hands! Make sure you line the floor with newspapers as it can get messy.

Alternatively, pumpkin bowling is great fun. Choose small pumpkins, and get the kids to decorate some drinks bottles. Use the bottles as your ‘pins’ and roll the pumpkins to knock them down!

I remember playing Spiders Webs once as a kid. Its easy to set up and will keep the children amused for ages but its takes up a lot of space... Hide a prize for each child in a different part of the party space. Tie the end of a different colored ball of yarn to each prize. One by one, run the balls of yarn over, under, and around the objects in the room until they look like a web. When the strands are about 15 feet long or so, cut them and tie a name tag to the end of each string. The children have to untangle their strands to find their prizes. Its great for teamwork, as players quickly realise they have to help each other to get all their strands untangled! 

Another idea is ‘Mummy Wrap’ though thankfully the ’real Mummies’ get to sit down with a cuppa whilst this is being played... get cheap toilet paper, have the kids divide up into teams of 2, 3 or 4, have one person be the mummy and the others must wrap the mummy with the toilet paper. First team to use all their toilet paper to wrap the Mummy from head to toe wins (not exactly eco friendly but lots of fun!).

 As for food.. I have a feeling that the 1st November, Cirencester will be filled with the smell of wonderful Pumpkin, soup. But surely that can be all there is for the left-overs from your Pumpkin? Well, you could always bake the seeds. Just preheat oven to 180 degrees C, separate the seeds from the inners and lay them on a buttered or greased baking sheet. Don't rinse them as this will remove much of the flavour. Bake for 10 minutes then salt them and eat! Nom Nom Nom....


If you don’t fancy having a party yourself, then get involved with some of the wonderful things going on locally. 

There is everything from pumpkin carving and spooky trails to spooky suppers and even parties for the adults!

Check out all the local events here you find a great list iof things to do in Cirencester this Halloween.

If you have a pumpkin masterpiece you want to show off, or have a devilishly good Halloween costume, then please share your photos on our Facebook Page or tweet me a pic on Twitter.  

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