Fizz Bang Wallop And 15 Seconds Of Joy!
30th October 2012
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Bonfire night is nearly upon us and its time to get some Fizz Bang Wallop into our nights. The 5th November is the evening that we celebrate Guy Fawkes foiled plot to bring down the Houses Of Parliament and in a rather gruesome manner, burn his effigy on top of a large bonfire...!

Theres toffee apples, sparklers, scarves, gloves and hot soup whilst we stomp our feet to keep warm in the chilly Autumn air and shout OOoooh! AAaaahhhh! as fireworks light up the sky.

There are lots of displays all over Cirencester in the next few days. Have a look at our website to find the best one for you.

Everyone seems to have upped their game this year and I think the 2012 celebrations will be the best yet. Hopefully better than the Fireworks Display in San Diago earlier this year for their 4th July celebrations. It was meant to be 20 minutes of Firework magic but ended up starting and finishing in the time it takes someone to get their camera out. An unknown problem caused the entire fireworks show to go off at once in one (glorious!) 15 second burst. Possibly the most expensive 15 seconds of fireworks ever... with the full 20 minute firework music track continuing to play in the background... 

It goes without saying that where there are fireworks there can also be danger. Be careful this year and make sure you all stay safe and follow the firework code


For more info on Fireworks Displays in the Cirencester area click here

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