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The Guildhall, Gloucester

The Gloucester Guildhall's slogan is "the counties livliest venue" and they really are! There is so much going on and the Guildhall and very often there are even free events. My favourite thing about the Guildhall though is the staff! They are the nicest, friendlies people you will ever meet, it's as if they had to do a loveliness test to get the job. I go to the Guildhall for Musiclab which is a free open mic event and is loads of fun. Also I go to D7 Church there and for coffee at the coffee shop. I have attended Gig's and events and seem to end up spending most of my week there even though I live in Cheltenham. Seriously, I highly recommend this place, they even have a cinema showing latest releases. Whew, better stop now but there is loads more to say. Check it out for your self. I could easily say this place must be the heart of Gloucester.